Çağdaş Electronic Medical gets involved in Turkish Medicine sector and World Medicine sector since 1983.It has been one of the most demanded firms because of its quality,innovative and rapid solutions,R & D studies,wide range of products and fair prices by University,State,Private Hospitals and the hospitals which were done by Çağdaş in abroad. It is one of the firms which makes domestic production with its export,endorsement,number of workers and quality certificates.Çağdaş Electronic Medical aims to ensure the confidence of its customers;to be a solution partner by reserach&development studies.;to represent its products and service at the international quality and standards.Çağdaş Electronic Medical owes its justified success to its quality.This quality has been approved by the certificates which were gained since it was established.

Çağdaş Electronic Medical is aware of that it is responsible for health services in Turkey reach the global standards.Therefore the developments are observed.It uses all the advantages of being the producer to satisfy the customer needs by the most appropriate solutions. Çağdaş Electronic Medical , continues its production for 30 years with its reliable name in medicine sector with the slogan “the question is human life”.

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