Gynaecological Examination Lamp

Jinekoloji muayene lambasıteknik katalog

Gynaecological Examination Lamp for patient.

Product Code: JNL 0020 0012 - S

Colour of lamp:white
Light:LED Spot with diffusor light
12V / 3W, 60°
Light output:610 Lux / 500 mm
Luminous flux:180 lm
Light field D10:750 mm at 500 mm
Light colour:6.000 K
Life expectancy:40.000 h
Electrical mains:100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Mode of operation:continuous
Working radius:appr. 600 mm
Joint pin:ø18 x 35 mm
Total length:830 mm
Orientating light:integrated in switch
Transformer:plug transformer
Switch:at the lamp head
Total weight:1,2 kg (net weight)