Track Light - Silver Colored

Gümüş Lamba

  • Carrier stands are 5 wheeled and the risk of tumbling down is very low as it is produced from cast iron.
  • 2 of 5 wheels have brakes and 3 of them don't have brakes.
  • The Diameter of the Wheels is Q50mm.
  • Length of stands is 20 cm
  • Circle openness is in 50 cm diameter.
  • The connection of the lamp carrier may be assembled and disassembled,
  • The connection height of the Carrier and the Lamp is 85 cm,
  • The lamp may be adjusted up and down.
  • Th entire height is 125 cm until the Lamp connection point.
  • The lamp is flexible and mobile.
  • It has 7000 – 8000 Lux. light intensity
  • There are 12 Watt, LED white light and daylight options,
  • Sphere of influence is 500-600mm
  • Total weight is 9.5 Kg
  • It provides economic operation for hospitals and clinics,
  • It may be used as track light and portable inspection lamp.
    Product Code: L 400 025S - S
    Our products are imported German Provita brand, of which we have undertaken distributorship for 20 years.
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